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DIY Responsive Grid*
DIY Responsive Grid screenshot

* the grid for this website was generated using the DIY Responsive Grid calculator.

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A better BDD/TDD

TDD and BDD are great. As development tools, they set a common language for the team, create an active documentation and keep track of the project’s status. This advantages had made BDD/TDD an indispensable part of my process, but some experience with them made me realize there are still problems to be tackled with the BDD/TDD practice if it’s going to be viable… read more

7steps organization system: a short why

At SouthLogics we tried several organizational methods, such as Agile, Just Do It and the old school Waterfall. None of them worked for us, and we remained frustrated in that aspect—that is, until we decided to apply to organization the one aspect of the Lean Startup methodology that really ringed a bell… read more

The DIY Responsive Grid

The DIY Responsive Grid is a no-framework solution for building robust and very stylish responsive design grids for the web. @lbertenasco and I developed it briefly after reading grid concepts from Thinking with Type, so be warned of designerish slang… read more